Algorithmic Trading Society

Imperial College London

About Us

As of March 2018, we became a society for the first time at Imperial College London and have since held a launch event where participants were introduced to the society and the activities we will be planning for the upcoming academic year. Regardless of whether you are a novice to trading or a veteran Quant, all are welcomed to be part of the society. If you want to learn more about simple trading strategies or more complicated statistical arbitrage of stocks, the society hopes to bring students closer to learning and developing their understanding and application of algorithms in a financially driven context.

Current plans for society activities include a machine learning lecture series in Python to be held during the upcoming academic year. Alongside this, we will be hosting weekly live trading sessions led by a PhD Computer Scientist. The first hour will consist of theory being taught and demonstrations of implementing the algorithms. The second hour will consist of live trading and group discussions regarding the market's behavior. We hope to build a community of Algo-traders which will support each other's endeavours into algorithmic trading.


Alfonso Parra Garcia


Joe Arrowsmith


Joonsu Gha

Head of Machine Learning

Junhua Li

Technology: Front-End

Samuel Martin Frias

Head of Events

Umer Hasan


Selena Yang


Thomas Wong

Technology: Back-End